Quick actions

Dear sir:
Last Thursday (May 20), I had been burning some items in the fireplace. At 6:50 p.m., I closed the glass doors on the fireplace and left for the Sister Kennedy Centre.
About 7:10 p.m., my wife, Susan, drove into our driveway with our granddaughter from Thunder Bay. She was greeted by the voice of a young woman across the street who called out to her that the house was on fire.
She replied “Pardon” and again was told that the house was on fire.
The quick actions of Sharla Lauzon, who spotted the smoke while walking in the St. Michael’s playground area with her friend, Amy Adams, in all likelihood saved our home from being destroyed.
She made a call to 9-1-1 and reported the fire, saving valuable time. I have since learned that Larry Kivimaki, a neighbour across the lane, also called 9-1-1.
The speedy arrival of our local firefighters and volunteers, and their professional skills, saved the house from more serious damage.
My wife and I would like to publicly acknowledge and thank these people for their quick response in saving our home: Fire Chief Steve Richardson, Frank Sheppard, Kirk Armstrong, and Rod Davis, assisted by part-time volunteers Ray Herbert, Bob Petawanaqueb, and Greg Wiedenhoeft.
Thanks for your concern and help.
Walter Horban
Fort Frances, Ont.