Put up, or shut up

Dear sir (and the entire community for that matter):
Can I please point out that we, as a collective community, can’t seem to hang on to a decent sports reporter for more than a year?
Hmmm, maybe it’s because we chase them out of town with our “pitchforks a wavin’” simply because they won’t jump blindly onto the Thunder/Muskie bandwagon that everyone seems to be stacked on.
I’m referring to Emmanuel Moutsatsos’ column last week, in which he published several rude and infantile comments that members of our community had made in response to some of his previous stories/columns.
I sincerely hope that whoever threatened to “whack [Emmanuel] with a monster bass” feels as childish as he sounds when he opens the paper and sees a picture of his child in the sports section because this reporter decided it was more important to cover small children enjoying sports in its purest form instead of spending six hours interviewing another fisherman about what kind of tackle smells better.
And by the way, I have never ever heard of a Greek leprechaun.
It’s incredibly refreshing to read an article that doesn’t idolize the Muskies for mundane and unimpressive activities, either. I thoroughly appreciate and enjoy the humour and insight that is offered in “Check Your Head” each week.
So forgive the guy for doing his job. I sincerely doubt he tells you how to make paper or particle board. Besides, I’ve yet to see a local pick up the notepad and cover our local sports.
So, in short, kudos to Mr. Moutsatsos, and to the locals, put up or shut up.
Krista Kellar
Devlin, Ont.