Pursue other avenues

Dear sir:
It was no surprise to me that the previous town council and administration left us more than $2 million in debt. However, before raising our taxes 40 or 60 percent in an effort to recoup this debt, let’s not forget we are the proud owners of several unsold condo units.
When these units are sold, and I am sure they will be, this is money that should be put towards that debt. We also have a lot of condo owners who are now paying taxes, which also should help our tax base.
After all, that was one of the selling points the previous administration used.
The town also purchased some prime property on Front Street, which I assume was purchased for the several construction companies that have been using it for the past several years.
I am sure somebody would love to buy this and build a house in the area.
It also is my understanding that although residential taxes have increased, business taxes in the area have decreased. Maybe these taxes should be raised back to where they once were.
These are just a few things to consider. Hopefully, there are other avenues to take rather then put this entire burden on the residential taxpayers.
Peter York
Fort Frances, Ont.