Protecting who?

Sietske van Zwol

Dear editor:
We had the privilege to meet the four local candidates running for the upcoming federal election during the all-candidates’ meeting in Stratton last Tuesday (Sept. 22).
All four parties expressed that they will look out for the weak and elderly in our country/community.
That is just great. But when the abortion issue comes up, it all changes.
Then life has no meaning, and it can be removed and killed.
At the meeting in Stratton, it was only Moe Comuzzi, from the Conservatives, who said she was pro-life. The other three candidates just said, “Women have the right to make the decision for abortion.”
I thought that the NDP, Liberals, and the Greens are saying they will protect the children and the elderly? So why not the unborn babies?
Thank you,
Sietske van Zwol
Stratton, Ont.