Profound thanks

Dear sir:
On behalf of the committee for “Re-Inventing Fort Frances,” I wish to thank our founding chairperson, Janis Lesko, for her tireless dedication to improving our community.
Janis resigned from our all-volunteer committee in September to accept an out-of-town career opportunity.
In August, 2001, following months of organizing activity among members of the Business Women’s Network of Rainy River District, Janis was elected chairperson of the “Re-Inventing” group.
The group’s first objective was to develop a comprehensive outline for enhancing the town’s livelihood. In a search for suggestions, Janis initiated an unending dialogue with community stakeholders, including citizens, civic and charitable organizations, business owners, and government officials.
Working with private-sector interests and government officials at the local, provincial, and federal levels, our group identified funding sources for financing the requisite formal analysis of the developing outline.
A fiscal agency requirement that surfaced last year prompted our group to attach itself to the Town of Fort Frances as a council-sponsored committee. This accomplishment was followed by the receipt of funding commitments and the town’s awarding of a consulting contract to the Winnipeg firm of Hilderman, Thomas, Frank and Cram.
That contract—to include suggested ways and means of financing the implementation of component projects—presently is being performed under the supervision of our committee.
The consulting contract is scheduled for completion in early 2003—the town’s centennial year.
We miss the energetic and selfless leadership that characterized Janis’ service to our committee. We express our profound thanks for her contributions to our community and wish her well in her new endeavours.
Susan Bodnarchuk
Chairperson, “Re-Inventing
Fort Frances” committee