Privatization is nonsense

To the editor:
The article in the Thursday, Sept. 23 edition of the Daily Bulletin concerning Rainycrest eyeing privatization was very disturbing.
Surely the public has learned, even if governments have not, that privatization of public service facilities does not work. Costs are not reduced, services do not improve, and debts do not disappear simply because a facility is privatized.
History has demonstrated that privatization increases costs because profits are added to the mix.
With privatization, three groups of people will be adversely affected. The clients will be forced to pay more for the same or less service. The already-overworked staff will be faced with layoffs, and those who remain will see increased workloads, less pay, and fewer benefits—all in the name of profit.
The argument that high labour costs is one of the chief reasons for a deficit gives money-hungry, for-profit entrepreneurs ammunition to attack the staff.
We, the ratepayers, still will have to cover the debt because we must not pass this along to the private owners. We, then, will foot the bill when the private owners suddenly realize they have bitten off more than they can chew and now require increasingly larger infusions of public money on a regular basis.
At this time, amalgamation with RHCF Inc. is good sense while privatization is nonsense.
Sincerely yours,
Robert Dakin
Fort Frances, Ont.