Positive step

Dear editor,
In response to your article of June 5, 2002, “Education concerns erupt at Big Grassy.”
I am a member of the Big Grassy First Nation. I am also a parent of children that have attended Pegamigaabo School. My younger two recently moved on to Rainy River High School.
My youngest, my son, was one of the students that Mr. Roy Tom is addressing in his letter. My son, had we not passed on to Grade 9, would be a drop-out. He now enjoys high school and is doing very well.
We sat down, both my son and I, and discussed his situation. It was after much thought we decided to pass him. He may not have been doing very well in his final year at Pegamigaabo School, but Ms. Mitchell and I sat down along with his teacher at that time, and discussed many times what was best.
We decided that moving him up was the best option.
To this day, I am not sorry that I made that decision because he is doing very well. He has had a successful Grade 9 year, and I am very proud of him.
I am also grateful that Big Grassy has teacher assistants right there in the Rainy River High School. These T.A.’s are there for our children. I think that’s a positive step in the right direction for some of our students, if not all.
I really do applaud the T.A.’s for a fine job.
With the public school funding being cut, our T.A.’s help all in the classroom. Their first priority is their assigned students, but that doesn’t mean they ignore others.
As for T.A.’s following my son, they meet in the classroom and only assist him when he requires the extra help.
Mr. Tom goes on to address the Education Authority. I also feel the Education Authority does a very good job, and addresses all concerns that arise.
Where Mr. Tom is when these meetings are held, and they are held on a regular basis, is beyond me. But to say that he’s been to training for his Family Services position at the time of these meetings is, bottom line, a cop out.
Laura Major