Popular pastime

Dear sir:
On Thursday, Sept. 29, 130 students from across Rainy River District met at Crossroads School in Devlin to play chess. It was an amazing, wonderful day.
The most common comment from parents, teachers, and principals who dropped in was “This is amazing. I had no idea chess was so popular.”
This is because if there are only one or two students in each classroom who are really keen on chess, they are isolated. In our rural schools, with six or fewer classrooms, this makes a small group of chess players with a wide age range.
But bring 11 schools together and everyone can see that chess is popular, fun, and growing. And it makes you smarter, too.
We wish to thank the Rainy River District School Board for taking the simple but important step of making chess a recognized extracurricular school activity. We would like everyone to know how grateful we are for their support.
Norma-Jean Johnston
Chess Association of
the Rainy River District