Poor choice

Dear sir:
Last week when returning home from the Falls, I stopped suddenly and really looked at the mill wall promoting Northwestern Ontario and was quite impressed until I came to the one representing Fort Frances.
Now, we all know our great walkway and appreciate it very much, but looking at this wall, as a visitor to Fort Frances, all I saw was a sidewalk with a man facing the river (a friend commented how it looked like he was taking a whizz).
Surely we can do better than this.
A composite or aerial view of our beautiful lake/river with boats (outboards, houseboats, sailing), floatplanes, trees, flowers, even kids swimming or eating ice cream, people sitting on the benches enjoying the view at the Sorting Gap Marina or Pither’s Point could have made it more colourful.
As a tourist, I would be more inclined to visit our beautiful cemeteries with a sign saying “Come rest awhile” than to search for a sidewalk leading where?
My only hope is that our promo will fade quickly and be replaced by someone with imagination and an eye for our beautiful area.
Thank you, Mr. Editor, for printing my opinion.
Chris Lowe
Fort Frances, Ont.