Poetic justice?

Dear sir:
The Tory strategy in many ridings across the province, including Kenora-Rainy River, has been to harp on the fact that the local MPP was not a member of the governing party.
The Tory candidates have issued many dire warnings about the fearful consequences of not electing a member of the “governing” party.
It now appears inevitable that the Eves’ government is heading towards certain defeat. Their own words come back to haunt them since there is little reason now to vote Tory since they will not form the government.
If we are to believe that the Tory candidates were sincere, we must now interpret their statements as asking us to vote for Howie or Geoff.
Some people would call that irony. Others would call it poetic justice.
Yours truly,
Rudolf K.F. Zeitlhofer
Fort Frances, Ont.