Please thank them

Dear editor:
Another great July 1 celebration in Fort Frances–despite the unfavourable weather conditions beginning the day and continuing into the early afternoon.
When the events at the Point got underway, the people started coming to enjoy the many activities prepared by Cynthia Donald, Joyce McCormick, Cathy Richards, and their awesome team of workers.
I loved hearing the continuous music being played from the main office area. It added to the excitement of the day.
Of course, the fireworks display ended the day beautifully! Although they started a bit later than usual, it was well worth the wait! As the watchers gathering along the riverfront, the chatter of anticipation could be felt as it got darker and darker.
Then when the fireworks began, there were many “ooohs” and “aaahs” from the people gathered near my location by the Bayview Motel.
The fireworks that came off the water were spectacular. The placement of them by the team was the best ever! It was a continuous flow of brilliance on the water’s edge as the other were lighting up the sky. Amazing!
Congrats to the hard-working team of Peter, Emil, and Yvonne from CanFire, and our local organizer, Dave Coates and his awesome team consisting of Hal Mickelson, June Caul, Jeff Savage, Paul Forget, Brian Norris, Willie Cole, and Travis Enge.
Another night to remember!
In closing, when you see a member of both the Fun in the Sun committee and the fireworks team, please thank them. It takes a great deal of planning to put together a fabulous July 1 and a fabulous July 1 it was!
Thank you from a very proud Fort Frances resident.
Diane Maxey
Fort Frances, Ont.