Pleasantly surprised

Diane Maxey

Dear editor:
I just returned home from the opening night of “Dreams,” the FFHS musical revue.
I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised how well everyone did considering the opening night jitters, which are completely natural.
I was especially impressed with the choreography and the synchronization of movement. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun.
I enjoy the camaraderie among the singers—they truly want to be there and their faces show it!
I never realized that there were so many songs around the topic of “dreams”—even some new ones for me!
Accolades to everyone involved in the production. It takes much dedication to put on an evening such as this.
Thank you to the cast, the musical director, choreographer, costumes and props, lighting, and sound. And major kudos to the band as they kept the program moving along beautifully.
We are so fortunate to have that calibre of musicianship available within our community and willing to put in the required rehearsal time along with the cast.
Thank you to all for another wonderful evening of entertainment!
Diane Maxey
Fort Frances, Ont.