Plea for volunteers

Dear sir:
Does the community of Fort Frances still require Meals on Wheels? Do families who have benefitted from Meals on Wheels feel this is a worthwhile program that should be continued in our community?
These are questions that continue to be asked by the Meals on Wheels committee members and our co-ordinator as we struggle to continue a program that lacks sufficient volunteers.
Over the past few years, we have seen a steady decline in volunteers and this is a constant concern as we struggle to keep the program going. To those who do volunteer on a regular basis, we are extremely grateful.
The committee, as a whole, feels there is a definite need to continue this service to our elderly, shut-ins, and those in need of at least one hot, nourishing meal a day.
This past year, for the first time, our co-ordinator has been forced to put people in need on a waiting list because we lack the volunteers to deliver these meals.
Meal on Wheels has been part of our community since 1970. The Town of Fort Frances provides us with the funding to subsidize our co-ordinator, and we rely on our local service clubs and organizations to provide funds to purchase the containers and inserts with which to serve our meals.
This is a plea for volunteers, without which this program may not survive. Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Margaret Rousseau
Meals on Wheels