Pet waste dilemma

Dear editor:
As a responsible dog owner, I take care cleaning up after my pets at home and in public areas.
This week, I received a call from the by-law officer about my pet waste. Apparently in the Town of Fort Frances, pet owners are not to dispose of pet waste in the garbage nor in the public sewage system.
I carefully bag my pet waste and place it on top of my household garbage for garbage day. Being on top makes it easy to spot when the fellow collects the garbage.
Lots of people do the same.
I inquired with the by-law officer as to what I was to do with the waste if I was not to deposit it in the garbage. The only solution they had was to bag it and bring it myself to the landfill site.
Having two large dogs, this would mean a trip every second day. My work schedule makes this possibility not workable.
I guess the irresponsible owners have the right idea in leaving it for someone else to worry about.
Sandra Tibbs