Peace pipe sought

Dear editor,
I am writing this letter with faint hope and asking for assistance in attempt to find a peace pipe that belonged to my father.
My father was Walter Guppy. He was a resident of Rainycrest LTC facility, where he passed away Aug. 21, 2012. He was given a peace pipe and one of his final wishes was that this be passed along to my brother, Mark.
Prior to being a resident of Rainycrest, he lived near Emo at Manitou Rapids FN with his spouse, Ethel.
He kept this pipe in a cylindrical birch bark container and this was also kept within a small brownish/tan hard-sided suitcase. These items were not with his belongings in his room at Rainycrest.
I know it is going on seven years, and it has always bothered me that this item had gone missing.
I believe my father would not have given it away to anyone else; he wanted pass it along to his son and stated it in his will.
If anyone at all recalls seeing this item, either at Rainycrest or even if someone has it in their possession, I would like to know about it. Again, it is with faint hope I am trying to located this sacred item which belonged to my father and hopefully return it to my brother, as it was stated in my father’s will.
Thank you for your assistance and help.
Geraldine Kakeeway
Kenora, Ont.
(807) 467-2386