Paid the price

Dear sir:
Monday was day one of garbage bag tags. Our teenage son put the garbage out on Sunday night in two Type ‘A’ containers—one with a bag tag and one without.
We later received a “Garbage Collection Non-Compliance Notice” in our mailbox stating that “The proper container waste weighed more than 40 pounds.”
I can understand them leaving it and will have to make sure we don’t go over the weight limit again. My complaint is that the container they did remove had a bag tag on it—and should have been removed as our one tag-free container.
I am not really concerned about the dollar it will cost to replace the bag
tag, but with the rising property taxes and diminishing services, I believe
we should have been entitled to our one tag-free container this week.
When I called the Public Works Department, I was told sarcastically “I guess you won’t be doing that again,” and that they would not replace the bag tag.
I also was told that this is one of the reasons the five free bag tags were
issued in the first place.
Once again, I understand the non-compliance issue, but I believe we’ve
already paid the price by having our garbage left behind. We shouldn’t be charged for an extra bag tag, as well.
Leslie Danielson
Fort Frances, Ont.