Over estimating

Dear sir:
I’ve been wondering what kind of an ouija board Hydro One is using to estimate my usage of hydro.
In their last bill, they estimated that I used 41 kW per day, which exceeds my estimated usage by at least eight kW per day over the summer. My actual usage, when the meter was read, was over 11 kW per day.
My actual usage a year ago for the same period was exceeded by 15 kW per day.
There seems to be a deliberate plan to over estimate Hydro One’s customers’ usage of power. Is this a way to help it finance its operations? If so, I strongly resent it as there must be other ways of getting money.
Now $10-$20 might not seem much, but when you multiply that by the millions of customers you have, it gives you somewhere around $30 million to work with.
I believe this has to stop.
So, Hydro One, be realistic in your estimates when you are not able to come and read our meters.
On another matter, I wish to offer you an idea that is not new to help with saving generating new power. Twenty-eight years ago, while visiting some relatives in the Netherlands, we heard a little click after supper. Our host said now we can wash the dishes.
Apparently, all the water heaters are on some kind of switch that is controlled by the electric companies. They can send out some kind of signal on the line to turn on or off the water heaters in any area.
As water heaters are one of the biggest users of power, this would enable you to cut the usage of power during the peak load times.
I’ve been watching with some interest the ways being proposed on how to help our system and this is one that I’ve never seen proposed in this area.
You must realize the surge on power needed when the millions of people come home from work and all take a shower at the same time. Those heaters are on automatic switches and the usage must be a strain on the system.
Here it couldn’t be much of an inconvenience as most people have 40-gallon hot water tanks or larger, so they have a supply on hand not like in the Netherlands, when the place we were at had only a 10-litre tank.
Now please give some thought to what I’ve proposed. And also, Hydro One, give us some reasonable estimates of our hydro usage when you are not able to come and read our meters.
Yours truly,
H.C. Masson