Out of control

To the Editor,
When tourists cross the border at Fort Frances, Ontario, there is a wall
that reads, “The Great Canadian Experience.” Below this should be a
sign that reads, “If you can get in.”
Canadian Immigration is out of control and now refusing entry to
countless visitors almost every day under guise of protecting the country.
This year we have had several groups that were refused entry for
ridiculous reasons. In one group an individual failed to pay a medical
bill. I never realized that our tourists were such hardened criminals!
The main problem at the border is that too much latitude is left up to
the officer on duty. I agree that a person with a serious felony should
not be allowed. However, if an individual has had a bit of youthful
indiscretion, such as a DUI or hasn’t paid a medical bill, this person
should be admitted.
It took over 80 years for the tourist industry to promote Northwest
Ontario but it will take Canada Immigration only five years to destroy
it. Word is spreading fast that Canada is not a country to visit. Even
though people have paid their dues to their respective governments they
are not accepted or welcomed in Canada.
It is already costing Northwest Ontario millions of dollars in jobs,
taxes and income. People are being turned around at the border, taking
all of the members of their group to Northern Minnesota and spending
their money there. According to Minnesota operators, this has been the
biggest boom to their tourist business.
U.S. Immigration officers have told us that if they treated Canadian
visitors the same, over 700,000 Canadians would be affected within 24
hours. This problem would be solved immediately because Canadian
Immigration would be pressured by Parliament to use some common sense.
Mike Henry
Fly-In Outposts