Others led the way

Dear editor:
Thank you to all who attended the functions in my honour in Fort Frances and Atikokan over the past month. I enjoyed the words of praise—even though some of the speakers got carried away.
Thank you, too, to the Thunder Bay-Rainy River NDP riding association for hosting the appreciation dinner in Fort Frances, recognizing the years I was active in the CCF and the NDP.
The remarks there suggested I was the only leader of the party in this riding. But please don’t leave out John Sirman of Rainy River, a keen promoter of the CCF.
He is a locomotive engineer (retired now) who would run into Atikokan on a regular basis. He and I would get together to “talk politics” and plan what we should do to promote the CCF (the forerunner of the NDP).
John also kept in touch with George Lockhart, who served as Rainy River’s CCF MPP in the Ontario legislature from 1943-1945.
Those two, along with many others, were the backbone of the social democratic movement in Rainy River District.
While I was involved from 1945 onwards, others led the parade. We owe them words of praise and thanks.
Owen Lindsay
Atikokan, Ont.