Opportunity is there

Eric Lundmark

Dear editor:
Chief Chuck McPherson intends to set up a toll booth on Highway 11 where it passes through the Couchiching First Nation due to several grievances he has with the federal government.
He states that “over the last 50 years since the construction of the Noden Causeway, there’s been billions of dollars generated in the district economy . . . and we haven’t been allowed to participate in that.”
Have his people not been allowed to participate, or is it a lack of direction or initiative by his peoples’ leaders?
I would like to believe the answer lies in a message Chief Clarence Louie of the Osoyoos First Nation gave to his people, and I quote, “If your life sucks, it’s because you suck. Quit your sniffling. Join the real world—go to school or get a job. Get off of welfare. Get off you butt.”
First Nation people have been gifted with many wonderful talents, and I would think that a major highway passing through their community would be a great opportunity to showcase the beautiful paintings, carvings, leather, and bead-work, to number a few, that would bring pride, prosperity, and business opportunities to all involved.
Hopefully, Chief McPherson can provide the leadership and initiative required.
Eric Lundmark
Dryden, Ont.