Open haven

Kalan Kielczewski

Dear editor:
To my shock, I read in last week’s paper that the town once again is looking at having the Nelson Street Park re-zoned from an “open space” to residential (R2).
They proposed this back in 2004 and again in 2008, and as far as I’m concerned the valid reasons that stopped the development and re-zoning then are still very much relevant today.
The most relevant to me is “a safe place for the children to play.”
I recently purchased a home in the area, and I must admit that the beautiful open space and river view was a buying point.
I love watching my daughter play with her friends and other kids from our neighbourhood “out in the field.” Whether they are flying kites, playing tag, spraying each other with water guns, or taking the dogs for a run, to me it is harmless (healthy) summer fun.
The “field” also extends play into the winter as the kids are out there building snow forts, snowmen, and sliding down snow hills.
Plain and simple, they are just kids being kids.
There is not a lot of things for our children to do in town after school, on weekends, and on holidays. We need be encouraging them to be active, go outside, and take advantage of what green space we do have in our community—not site on the couch watching TV, on the computer, or playing Nintendo.
The fact of having to fight to keep the park for the children saddens me. This should not be a fight.
Unfortunately, it appears that the town is more concerned with “profit” and “potential buyers” than they are about the families that already live in the neighbourhood.
What some people consider a vacant lot on Nelson Street, others see it as an open haven to the children of our neighbourhood and community.
Kalan Kielczewski
Fort Frances, Ont.