One solution?

Dear editor:
I live in the north end of town. A few years back, before the Scott Street Scare, I handed out treats to around 90-100 children.
This year to only 46—around half as many.
Last year, Hallowe’en fell on a Sunday. That was a great year as there wasn’t a Scott Street Scare. So it shows it does make a huge difference.
Hallowe’en is a tradition of going door to door trick-or-treating. But I have heard people say “Next year I won’t bother.” People spend a lot of money, time, and effort decorating their yards, windows, etc. to have the little kids come. We love it!
Many places have Hallowe’en events before Oct. 31. Why can’t the Scott Street Scare take place on Oct. 30? I think it would make everyone happy.
Please consider this. It could be an excellent solution to keep an age-old tradition alive.
Thank you,
Laurie Marcil
Fort Frances, Ont.