One complaint

Dear sir:
If I lived 400 yards south of my house, I would be $20,000 in debt.
That is the value of our Canadian health system. People must realize that much of our taxes to the federal and provincial governments are returned in the health care services.
Locally, we can be proud of the three hospitals that serve us. I personally must publicly thank Drs. Anderson, Johnson, Moorhouse, and Spencer; their knowledge and skills have extended my life. They treated me with compassion and humour, answered my questions, always left me feeling better.
The nursing staff did everything to make my stay comfortable. They were always pleasant and happy. The hospital is immaculately cleaned daily by a great staff. The laundry is equally efficient. The staff work in the basement and no one ever saw such sparkling linen.
I am afraid I have one complaint. In a town always proud of its paper products, the toilet paper is awful. You would think that the company, its employees, or their union would see that hospital patients had the use of better paper products.
Thank you.
Yours truly,
Ronald Helliar
Fort Frances