Old memories

Dear “Times Friends”:
I’m writing to renew my subscription and to thank you for keeping me in touch with Fort now that I live in Windsor.
Your article, “Bones being laid to rest again,” was especially interesting since the Cathcart family lived in the house built over the bones for nearly 50 years. We always knew it was the site of the Hudson’s Bay burial ground but what surprised me was how close to the surface the graves were.
After the bones were found, one of the Fort Frances police phoned me to suggest (with tongue in cheek) that I not leave town!
I well remember watching out of the dining room window when the present Abitibi-Consolidated office was being built on Hudson’s Hill. Believe me, there were lots of bones in the “fill” that was carted away.
In reference to the article, was there ever any doubt that there was “interaction” between native and Europeans?
Compliments of the season to you all.
Mary Cathcart