Off track

Dear sir:
The hunters are in the bush tracking moose. In their offices, Timmins-James Bay New Democrat MPP Gilles Bisson and his NDP colleague, Kenora-Rainy River MPP Howard Hampton, are trying to shoot straight.
Just a few weeks ago, Mr. Bisson was telling the media that the McGuinty government had failed to deliver on a promise to provide more moose tags for Ontario hunters.
In reality, the government had introduced plans to reserve five percent of moose tags for northern hunters in a new, second draw.
Fact and fiction must have left Mr. Bisson in a quandary, as is personified by his quotes in the Nov. 26 edition of Northern News.
In the same sentence he says: “Reserving tags for northerners is fine and a good step . . .,” and then goes on to say hunters are now waiting for the “reform” of the system that was promised by the Liberals.
The only reason I can think of for the mid-sentence turnaround is that Mr. Bisson suddenly remembered that Mr. Hampton, his NDP boss, is on record as having condemned the plan to provide northerners with increased moose hunting opportunities.
The NDP leader said the plan was so problematic, it subsequently would have to be withdrawn.
Mr Hampton said: “I invite you to go to Hamilton, Oshawa, Peterborough, Windsor, and Cornwall and conduct public consultations on this issue because, let me tell you, creating two tiers of hunters in Ontario is going to create controversy that you don’t want to see.”
Interesting to see Mr. Hampton is so concerned for southern Ontario hunters, rather than those in the north that he represents.
Anyway, allow me to put the entire NDP out of its confused state by quoting directly from the Liberal Party’s election manifesto, “True North, the Ontario Liberal Plan for Improving Quality of Life in the North.”
“Most moose hunting occurs in the north. It is only fair that much of it be done by northerners. We will change the system to ensure that allotment of moose tags is weighted in favour of northern residents and outfitters.”
As promised. As delivered. Now if only the NDP could focus its sights as clearly.
David Ramsay, Minister
of Natural Resources