Oaths need replacing

Dear Mr. Editor:
Do politicians lie to the public?
With the exception of four of the prime ministers of Canada, all were/are lawyers and, generally, lawyers and politicians get a bad wrap in the public’s eye.
Those who are somewhat familiar with the legal system know that it is based on assumption, presumption, and opinion. It is the “colour of law,” in the legal jargon.
Why colour? Because there are unlimited colours, which translates to: any assumption, presumption, or opinion just as “right” as the other.
We must have laws (no one in his/her right mind wants chaos) to govern us, so the laws are at our very foundation of existence; therefore, everything else springs from those laws.
Consequently, our entire society is mirrored after those laws, so assumptions, presumptions, and opinions prevail and control our everyday life.
Who and what is “right” in this maze of fiction world? One alternative would be whoever has the biggest club. For further reference, see those countries with dictators at the helm.
Nothing happens on this Earth without contract. A contract is an offer, acceptance, and compliance between two or more parties. The politicians make a contract with the public and they state it in their oaths.
The only problem is that their oaths state “I will . . .” and that is in the future, but we all know that tomorrow never comes.
On the other hand, the marriage vow states “I do . . .” which is in the now time.
We all live in the now, not in the future or in the past, but the oaths of the politicians don’t reflect that fact! All their promises are in the future and don’t have now time jurisdiction, therefore nobody can hold them responsible.
Where is the first politician who would state, “I do . . .” in his/her oath? Hats off for that brave one.
So, do politicians lie to the public? The definite answer is no, they don’t; they just keep their promises in the future. Everything they do is perfectly legal.
If anyone thinks otherwise, just bring a lawsuit on one for “breach of promise” and see what happens.
Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”
Canada is in the front-line of peacekeeping and humanitarian missions in the world and loved for. Wouldn’t it be great if it were the first country in the world for a truly just and equitable society, by replacing (not changing) the old political hegemony?
Andrew Szell
Fort Frances, Ont.