Nothing positive in proposal

Dear sir:
According to the article, “Impact of lake levels on river uncertain,” in the Times last Wednesday (March 10), there is a proposal to lower the lake level of Rainy Lake by more than a metre starting this spring.
In the whole article, there was nothing to suggest positive factors arising out of such a proposal; simply a consideration of possible impacts on “the river’s plant and animal life.”
This is the first time I’ve heard of such a proposal, and with “the deadline for input . . . coming up Friday [March 12],” I suppose it’s too late to react.
I wonder, however, if those who are more aware of such things registered concern over docks that are currently completely out of water because of the presently low lake levels, thereby adding hazard to the act of getting into and out of boats–not to mention the inconvenience and unsightliness.
Is every cabin owner and camp owner who doesn’t have a floating dock expected to rebuild his dock in order to adjust to the impact of a proposal for which there have been no positive effects mentioned.
Even the dock aspect pales in comparison with the increased hazards of lake travel because of newly-discovered rocks and reefs.
Ronald Erb,
cabin owner