Not too late

Dear Mr. Editor:
I read with considerable interest Coun. Todd Hamilton’s letter to the editor. He asks for trust and support for his position, yet will not release any information so we, the public, can make an informed decision.
I do not wish to debate, on such a serious topic, in a “he said,” “she said” kind of way. Just tell us why, Coun. Hamilton, you or council will not allow the information you are basing your decision on to be public.
1. Tell us why you feel the public should not have any input in this very critical decision. You represent us, and you made a decision to exclude us, so please tell us why?
2. Tell us why Mayor Onichuk’s commitment to allow further information and public input on this very serious issue was wrong. Tell us why you did not object to Mayor Onichuk’s statement at the public meeting—after all, you were there.
3. Tell us why you prepared a resolution, adopted by the majority of council, without providing public notice.
4. Please explain to us why you feel you talk for council on this subject, rather than the mayor. Does this also mean you speak for council on all other matters, too, or just this one?
5. Explain to the residents in our surrounding municipalities how you made a decision affecting their health care and didn’t even consult them.
6. Explain to me, and those you represent, how we can trust your guidance when all we were asking for was the information and input promised (so we, the public, can make an informed decision). Yet you elect to take that right and privilege away from us.
I am aware of the impact your decision will have on the people of Fort Frances and the surrounding municipalities—rostering and a two-tiered health care system. It doesn’t take a mad scientist to figure it out.
Coun. Hamilton, it is not too late to salvage the situation. I implore upon you and all members of council to stop and listen to those in the public who require and demand participation. This topic is serious—it’s health care, not potholes.
You may be surprised to find many wonderful and creative ideas out there. They ought to at least be heard.
In closing, I do not wish, Coun. Hamilton, to run you down or attempt to belittle you in any way. What I am trying to do is reverse a very bad situation, based on the facts available to us.
Council’s secretive actions, hidden information, and done deal resolution are issues requiring our attention. Health care, or the lack thereof, must be open to public scrutiny.
We have a right to demand this information and to have input in this issue regardless of any personal view on council to exclude us—and we will not rest until that goal is achieved.
Hopefully, your next letter to the editor addresses the questions asked above.
Thank you,
Allan T. Bedard
Concerned taxpayers