Noble gesture

Monique Bekesi

Dear editor:
My dogs are an extension of my family. And I know many people who would agree and categorize their pets as their family, as well.
So when my eight-pound morkie-poo (Couper) jumped the fence and was hit by a vehicle on the highway, I was mortified.
Of course, I never would have known if it wasn’t for the male paramedic who informed me about the situation. Had he not stopped by my house to tell me what happened, my little puppy (nearly two years old) would not have received the emergency medical care he needed.
I understand that informing anyone of something so devastating would be a difficult thing to do. But because that man chose to turn back and tell me, Couper is still alive and doing great.
I want to extend my thanks to the paramedic who not only saved my dog, but me a lot of grief. I never did get his name but every day I look at Couper, I am thankful to this man.
I wish more people were like him and had not only the courtesy, but the courage, to approach the family.
So, thanks again to the noble paramedic who saved Couper and here’s to hoping more people will help animal lovers like me out and approach us in the case of an emergency.
Monique Bekesi
P.S. Thanks to Dr. Dan and his staff for helping Couper and me get through this.