No photo-op

Dear sir:
Something needs to be said in response to the miserable article that the Wynne Liberals are sinking Ontario which appeared in the Aug. 16 edition of the Times.
The author was Doug Judson, a Progressive Conservative, who hopes to win election in this riding in the next election. It seems that launching mean-spirited and unfair attacks on Premier Kathleen Wynne is his chosen strategy.
When she became premier, Kathleen Wynne pledged to visit every riding in Ontario–a feat she accomplished in short order. She has visited our riding a number of times despite its distance from Ontario’s major population centres.
Judson whines that the premier did not spend enough time here. Ontario is a large province and the demands on the premier are enormous. That she has visited the riding as often as she has is a tribute to her promise to govern for all of Ontario.
She has not ignored the north of Ontario as so many have.
Judson’s greatest criticism is that the province’s debt-to-GDP ratio “is projected to remain above pre-recession levels.” That is the essence of the Progressive Conservative platform.
Ontario has debt, as does every other government in Canada. This is presented as a catastrophe and a crisis, “saddling future generations with debt.”
This is a smokescreen Tories use to obscure their real agenda. The Progressive Conservatives are driven by an ideology very similar to American Republicans, the party of Trump.
Their beliefs promote as little government as possible. Let everyone fend for themselves. Survival of the fittest. Let the big and powerful exploit the weak and vulnerable.
They despise any government that stands up for the 99 percent against the one percent. And they hate Kathleen Wynne for doing just that.
The prospect of a Progressive Conservative government in Ontario should give everyone in Ontario nightmares. Have we so soon forgotten the horrors of the Mike Harris days? Harris policies promoted social upheaval as he tried to destroy the fabric of Ontario society.
We should thank Kathleen Wynne for saving us from the lunatic policies of Tony Hudak. who promised to destroy 100,000 jobs in his first day in office. Thankfully, that day never came.
If the provincial debt is such a terrible burden that the Progressive Conservatives are mesmerized by it, how would they deal with it if they formed a government?
We know exactly what they would do. They would not raise taxes to increase government revenue. Mike Harris increased the government’s deficit by cutting taxes on already wealthy corporations.
The only other option is to slash government spending. The largest area of expenditure for any province is health care. So Conservative government means fewer doctors, laid-off nurses, closed hospital wards, and greater privatization of health care.
The longer waiting lists will mean more suffering for Ontarians and it also means people will die. That’s the simple reality. All in the name of an ideology that values debt-to-GDP ratio more than people’s lives.
The next largest expenditure for any provincial government is education. Here we go again. Forty-five kids to a classroom and everything that goes with it.
Why do Progressive Conservatives attack Kathleen Wynne with such vitriol? The real reason they have such ill will toward Kathleen Wynne lies elsewhere.
Progressive Conservatives represent the party of bigotry and hatred. Kathleen Wynne is an openly-lesbian woman. They don’t need another reason.
Judson is openly contemptuous of Kathleen Wynne’s decision to spend a part of her vacation paddling a canoe with Métis Nation of Ontario youth through our riding. He can’t imagine anyone wanting to learn firsthand about Métis culture and showing support for the Métis Nation.
He labels this nothing but a photo-op. A photo-op doesn’t last four days.
Picture a Conservative shaking hands with a person of colour. That’s a photo-op.
Yours truly,
Rudolf K. F. Zeitlhofer
Fort Frances, Ont.