No comparison

To the editor,
Just a few lines in regards to Arlene Georgeson’s letter in last week’s paper (Oct. 29) about the transit system which was discontinued.
Unless you, Arlene, were dependent on the bus for transportation, and unless you had to use it like all the seniors did, you cannot possibly have any idea how it affected people to have it taken away.
And the route was very well laid out to take people where they needed to go.
Sure, the dial-a-ride is working out pretty fair but it cannot compare with the bus system we had, where there were shelters for people to sit down while waiting for their ride and no hassle about bothering people downtown to telephone.
Arlene, did you ever try it out, phone 20 minutes ahead, and then stand on your feet and wait 20 minutes for your ride?
Edla Orwick