Night to remember

Dear editor,
Another night to remember–July 1st fireworks in Fort Frances–2006! Wow!
Thanks to many volunteers, we were privy to an outstanding display, lasting approximately twenty minutes, double last year’s duration.
This year Peter Palmer from CanFire out of Sundown, Manitoba was the provider of the fireworks and organizer of the demonstration.
As an introductory offer, Fort Frances was given a 48% discount which resulted in doubling the number of shells that were fired.
The funds for purchasing materials were provided by the B.I.A., while the Public Works and the Town of Fort Frances contributed sand and the machinery that was used by a group of volunteers who put the show together under the leadership of Charlie Turgeon.
The volunteers included Mary and June Caul (for 7 years), Len, Betty and Shannon Larocque (7 years), Dave Coats and Gord Galbraith (3 years), Ken Munn, who supplied the tractor and trailer (2 years), Rick Socholotuk (1 year), Hal Mickelson (1 year), Carla Galbraith (1 year), and yours truly (2 years)..
Thanks also to the Fire Department for providing security on site and to the First Nations Police Force for patrolling the water near the shoreline to keep the boaters back and safe.
Mega thanks to Barb Turgeon for providing an absolutely delicious array of food for the day of the fireworks. It kept the entire crew energized for both lunch and supper. We absolutely look forward to her “spread” every year–so many surprises!
I had absolutely no idea what kind of work was involved in setting up a display until I decided to get involved last year. It takes two full days to prepare for this event as well as lots of heavy lifting and the tedious job of wiring and securing it all..
In fact, the hours that several of the group put in were as follows: Friday-12 hours, Saturday-16 hours and Sunday-4 1/2 hours on clean-up.
After seeing the fireworks, I highly doubt that anyone left disappointed, but in order to maintain that high level of firepower, it is imperative that funds be raised during the year for the 2007 event.
In the next few weeks, I will be meeting with a few people to see how this can come to fruition.
Once you have a display of this past July’s caliber, you want nothing less in the years to come. So if anyone has some creative fundraising ideas, please contact me and we will begin to put it together.
Bravo Fort Frances! You continue to make us proud!
Diane Maxey