New rule needed

Dear editor:
During the fourth draw of the Tim Hortons Brier on Sunday afternoon in Hamilton, the playing surface of the ice changed drastically after the seventh end of the game between Ontario and Manitoba to where it became almost impossible to place the broom for crucial draws, freezes, and takeouts.
It has been said that problems of this nature are caused by placing the hand onto the ice after the release of the curling stone.
One particular curler, the vice-skip on the Manitoba rink (Fry), slid from just inside the hog line to halfway down the sheet. After sweeping the lead and second rocks, and removing the glove to deliver his own stone, the palm of his hand would be warm enough to remove the pebble on the ice—creating flat ice.
To combat this, a new rule should come into effect to either keep the shooting hand completely off the ice or leave the glove on.
Many rocks have been missed because of this and there has to be something done about it.
Michael J. Baranowski
Nestor Falls, Ont.