New pool wish list

Jennifer Woods

Dear editor,

I have lived here for 36 years and have always wanted Fort Frances to have a better pool. Two of my children were on the swim teams here and each time I went into the pool area, I felt it was very dreary without natural light.
This is my wish list and what I would like to see in a new pool complex: two medium sized pools side by side. One would be warmer, with kids’ water toys, a lazy river and a water slide. The other pool would be cooler for swimming and exercise. Two pools would allow many activities to take place.
There would be a large hot tub where people could congregate and visit. Imagine doing this on a cold winter day! Other places have these. Why can’t we?
There would be saunas, a climbing wall, an exercise and a weight room in another section, with change rooms totally accessible to all. You may have other ideas to add! The community of Sechelt B.C., a similar size to our town, built an aquatic centre like this. Feel free to check it out online to see the actual model.
I can see that our communities absolutely love the water in the summer and are starved for it during the winter. I believe it would benefit all ages to have a bright pool with plants, art/murals and large windows letting the sunshine in. Imagine how it would help us with our physical and mental health! People of all ages would be drawn to this great new and improved pool complex.
I am sure there are also lots of grants and other monies out there that would support such and endeavor, just like they supported our amazing library!
If we are going to dream, then dream big!! And let’s make it a reality!!

Most sincerely,
Jennifer Woods