New bridge needed

Dear sir:
I would like to congratulate the Fort Frances-International Falls Bridge Committee on their first meeting, which was held June 26 at 7 p.m. in the committee room of the Civic Centre here.
Although not on the committee, I attended the meeting in order to present committee chairman Mayor Glenn Witherspoon with a petition for a new bridge.
Roughly 2,700 signatures were on the petition–signatures that were collected by a previous bridge committee.
Along with the petition was a letter which read as follows:
“Here are the names of approximately 2,700 people who would like to see change, this change being the building of a new, safe, modern, and truly international bridge between Canada and the United States of America connecting the communities of Fort Frances, Ont., and International Falls, Mn.
“As a committee, you have an excellent opportunity to bring this area out of the 20th century and into the 21st century with the building of a new bridge. Please feel free to do whatever you consider is necessary with this petition. Good luck.
“Sincerely, Ron MacGregor”
I was invited by Mayor Witherspoon to stay for the meeting but declined his invitation. But a couple of after-meeting thoughts. First, one would not buy a second-hand car knowing it was a lemon, so why on earth would anyone buy a second-hand bridge knowing it was a lemon.
Also, someone has said it would take 20 years for a new bridge. As the saying goes, someone is really getting their leg pulled.
I really hope this one does not turn into another charade like the building of the new Customs facility here.
Ron MacGregor
Fort Frances, Ont.