Mutual respect

To the editor:
Over the past several years, particularly, as a settlement agreement regarding our land claim has become more imminent, Rainy River First Nations has been approached by individuals and groups either wishing to sell land or enter into business ventures.
We are receiving numerous enquiries, many from individuals and businesses that fail to appreciate the basic principles of doing business with our community.
With respect to land purchases, we will only purchase land on a willing-buyer, willing-seller basis based upon fair market value.
With respect to the issue of business ventures in the future, we wish to inform those who have and those who might approach us in the future that we will only respond to proposals that are based upon the following:
1) Respect for our business experience
2) Full disclosure of financial information
3) A comprehensive written proposal including a business plan, financing and management arrangements
4) District employment and supply opportunities.
Rainy River First Nations is one of the largest employers in the district. We did not get there because we are without an astute business sense. We did not get there because we are without long-term business and investment strategies. We did not get there because we put aside our culture and our history.
On the contrary, it is because we do and we plan on continuing to advance those principles.
We plan on continuing to grow and share in the economic and social sustainability of not only our community but, also, the wider community and the Rainy River District.
Our common future depends on mutual respect.
Chief Al Hunter
Rainy River First Nations