Much gratitude

Dear sir:
I would like to express my gratitude to the Borderland Thunder during the “Skate for Easter Seals” held Sunday, Nov. 17 at the Memorial Sports Centre.
I was very impressed with the way the players handled all the kids on the ice, special needs or not. You could just see how they made the kids happy and feel special.
My son, Christopher, is one of them. He is a special needs young man, and I’ve never seen him so full of energy and proud hanging around with the Thunder.
They made him feel safe, and I know that Chris will cherish the memories and so will everyone else.
Dave Allison, you have a good, well-spirited team and you should be proud of them.
Special thanks to Josh, Jamie, and Rob for spending time with Chris, Sara, Cameron, and Nicholas for supper and the ride in the limo. Thanks also to James, the limo driver.
Keep up the good work guys!