More pressing concerns

Dear editor,

In reference to a proposed name change of Colonization Rd, I will start off by saying, “I don’t Care. There are many more pressing things to care about.”

I have questions and comments that I am quite sure others have thought of also. Has the Town of Fort Frances surveyed our First Nations population for their opinion? Has the Town considered changing the majority of Its street names? Are not a lot of its streets named after colonists? The name Fort Frances is named after the wife of a man who colonized our area and west. A historical ‘internet fact’ is that he went to England to get an english wife. I assume he did not take his First Nations wife and children with him. I can’t imagine that he was considerate of his First Nations hosts and certainly not of his ‘family’. At that time, Europeans were here to colonize. They did not have the best interests of the native population in mind.

I propose the town change its name to Deerville. Change the street names to honour our wildlife, plants and trees. You can read a bit of sarcasm into this if you want. I am a WASP! I can’t do anything to change my heritage. I’m sure some of my ancestors were only thinking of themselves when they arrived on this continent, not the folks that lived here. All I can do is treat everyone with respect. I wish all people would treat all others with respect and equality.

Steve Taylor