More local businesses needed

Nathan Ryan

Dear editor,
I think that everyone should know how important local businesses are.
They are what keep a city what it is, not Wal-Mart.
I think that to bring local businesses to Fort Frances, people need to open up their own stores and be creative.
Bookstores, coffee shops, clubs, stores or a downtown mall could help expand downtown Fort Frances.
I think that people need to be creative and expand their horizon because it could really make Fort Frances a big tourist destination.
Second of all, people need to shop local because going to Wal-Mart instead of shopping local makes places close and it brings no excitement to Fort Frances.
I also think that Fort needs more hotels because most of the time in the summer when people try and book rooms, every single hotel is full. That’s another thing for people to consider.
Be creative! The people are what makes Fort Frances what it is.
But residents are only part of it if the community is a tourist destination.
So, please consider!
Nathan Ryan