More crossing guards needed

Dear sir:
I would like to express my concern about all the young children in our community who have to cross busy streets to go to school without the safety of crossing guards.
My young son will be attending J.W. Walker School this fall and when he starts Grade 1 in two years, he no longer will be bused to school. His only route to school means he has to cross King’s Highway at Keating Avenue.
I have walked that route several times myself, and not only can I not make it fast enough on the walk signal, but I also have had a couple of close calls with vehicles racing through on the amber and red lights.
I have been in contact with Coun. Rick Wiedenhoeft and Kathy Lawson at the Civic Centre, and was disappointed to find that even though a letter was sent out to parents from various schools in the area regarding crossing guard issues, there has been very little response.
A Planning and Development executive committee meeting is scheduled for July 3, and Coun. Wiedenhoeft was hoping to have more input from the public on this issue.
I would like to encourage all concerned citizens to contact Coun. Wiedenhoeft at 274-3796, or Loreen Holt or Kathy Lawson at the Civic Centre (274-5323), to express your concerns and support for our children’s safe commute to school.
Leslie Danielson
650 Thompson St.
Fort Frances, Ont.