Missed Point

Dear editor:
In last Wednesday’s Times, there was a very interesting letter by Jack Elliott. I agree with his theory, but walleye season should close on March 15 or 31 and re-open on May 15.
Jack also missed the point on walleye depredation. The native people kill more spawning walleye in the spring than all angling combined.
A fish killed in August is just as dead as a fish killed in the spring. The only difference is in the spring it has reproduced.
Like Gord Pyzer said, all parties must practise conservation and there should be no preference shown to anyone. A law is a law, and should pertain to everyone.
The only way to stop this killing of spawning walleye is to have everyone obey the same laws. There is no use of the public conserving walleyes and the native peoples killing the fish at spawning time.
Allan Kielczewski
Fort Frances, Ont.