Mementos sought

Dear sir:
There is a book being published soon about the men of the 94th Battalion of World War One, many of whom were from Barwick and Rainy River District.
If anyone has any military photos or documentation regarding the following individuals of the 94th, could they please contact Rilla Race at 487-2655:
Charles Benjamin Cosford, Cpl. Walter Curtis, Stanley Cunningham, Edward Fink, Walter Allison Horley, Aaron Hubbard, James William Lavender, Percy Henry Lindsell, James Love, Nelson Henry Pettiplace, William Alexander Smith, Brayton Stinson or Ray Davis, Wesley Weston, Kenneth McKay, or Hector Bowan.
Any copies of photos, military documents such as enlistment papers, journals or letters, or other materials relating to the above named, or other members of the 94th Battalion that you know of, would be of value.
Rilla Race
Chapple Heritage