Meetings defended

Dear sir:
I would like to respond to Mr. David Leskowski’s letter to the editor (“Keep you eyes clear”) in the June 8 edition of the Times.
While this issue has impacted the tourism industry more than any other issue in recent years, I couldn’t disagree more with Mr. Leskowski’s assessment.
The tourism industry creates 12,235 full-year jobs in Sunset Country. Close to 90 percent of these jobs are provided as a result of U.S. tourism dollars being spent in our area.
The border has a vital impact to our industry.
It is estimated that last year, the loss to Northwestern Ontario was $15 million. This represents 429 jobs lost.
Mr. Boshcoff has a very good understanding of the issue and is spearheading an effort to make positive changes that eventually will benefit everyone living in Northwestern Ontario.
Contrary to Mr. Leskowski’s comments, those who are working on the issue are not people who enjoy going to meetings. They are responsible business people of Northwestern Ontario working with Mr. Boshcoff and Mr. Mercure on improving communication of border issues to both stakeholders and those using the border, and discussing improvements in the handling of our guests.
These business people represent the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association (NOMA), Northwestern Ontario Associated Chambers of Commerce (NOACC), Northwestern Ontario Development Network (NODN), North Western Ontario Tourism Association (NWOTA), Kenora District Camp Owners Association (KDCA), and Northern Ontario Tourist Outfitters (NOTO).
This is a group of concerned business people who want to improve the business climate of Northwestern Ontario. This is what these meetings are about!
Jerry Fisher,
Morson Outfitters Inc.
Morson, Ont.