Meagre offerings

Dear editor:
I’m writing about the quality of the Times online.
I had asked my mom about a subscription from your paper while I’m away at school. She had gotten it for my brother when he went to Alberta four years ago so I thought I would, too.
She told me that I could now check it out on the web site to keep up
with the daily news.
However, I find little information about news in the Rainy River District and surrounding areas. Plus, on days when I’m extremely busy, I don’t always have time to check for that day.
When I get to check, though, the previous day’s news is gone.
Is there a way for you to add on to your web site, perhaps having a button where articles from the week are on? I would have liked to have found more out about Bill 74, something my mom told me about, because I was active in high school activities and I still have friends doing sports (or as the case now is, would still be doing sports).
I find that there is too much national news on your web site. I can find that out on any web site but I can only find local news from you.
Of course, I could call my mom but the Internet is cheaper.
I would like to read what you have to offer but your offerings are
meagre. Thank you for your time.
Norma Kallstrom