Mayor Caul’s response to Judson

Dear editor,

I am very disappointed to read the comments and descriptions of Council from one of our team members following Monday evening’s meeting. Every member agreed with the concept of removing barriers for a more diverse Council. I have always included and promoted relationships with all people in our community, even suggesting to our youngest member that he should run, as well as a young Indigenous women who would be an asset to Council ( unfortunately she did not choose to run in 2018).This is a difficult issue that has been typically one age group and one gender until the last two terms of Council. I am proud of the diversity of the Council we have now and I hope that we can build on that and promote a more diverse set of candidates running in the election later this year. This Council has the first female Mayor, another female who is in her second term, a member of the LGBTQ2 community and a young adult; a council that has people who were working when they were first elected , those who continue to work and volunteer in other organizations; people who are passionate about standing up for all age groups, all races, sexes, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, socio-economic residents of our community. We cannot make people run for office but we will continue to promote an atmosphere that can be suitable for the new council in the next term. A newly elected Council can make those decisions of meeting schedules and venues for meetings when they begin office. This Council should not dictate that.

The Corporation is in the process of beginning a governance review; a review of policies and procedures and codes of conduct. Administration will be seeking an appropriate consultant who is neutral to the Town; a consultant whose profession conducts these kinds of reviews.

Mayor June Caul