Mayor Caul has served us well

Dear editor,

Congratulations to Mayor June Caul! A well-deserved retirement from a position that has had many ups and downs over the past eight years. As her friend, I have seen the results of both and supported her through it all, as have her family and community members.

When she joined as a councillor eight years ago, she could never have imagined that lay ahead! Her first four years made her realize how much had to be done to move our community forward, thus her reason for running for mayor. Believe me when I say some of those years have been very difficult – especially the last two years – but she has continued to fulfill her duties with the utmost professionalism, always striving to do her best for her community, council and administration. Another important fact and a true indication of her commitment to our community is the fact that she rarely ever turned down an invitation to be present at meetings, or special events when asked. Besides all her mayoral and council duties, she is still participating in her many volunteer organizations and gives her all to each and every one of them.

So I would say to anyone wishing to run for council or Mayor: be sure this is a position you can handle, be strong and forthright with your opinions and don’t be afraid to voice them, not just in the in-camera sessions, but in the open session of the council meeting. Everyone has the right to have his/her opinion. These positions require serious commitment and you MUST work as a TEAM with no hidden agendas. Nomination Day is only one month away. Think very seriously – am I prepared to take on this most important position and give back 100 per cent each and every day?

Mayor Caul definitely did just that and I wish her all the best in her future! Thanks June for always caring for our community!

Diane Maxey