Many thanks

Dear sir:
I want to take a moment and thank everyone who helped make the FFHS 2005 “chem-free” grad party a great success.
From the initial planning meeting in February to the actual event on June 23, much work by the parent committee and support from the community brought about the ultimate goal of providing a safe night for the graduates of Fort High.
While at the “chem-free” grad party, the graduates participated in a evening of games, activities, music, and great food. The evening concluded with the distribution of prize packages—made up of items donated from local business or purchased with funds donated by community organizations.
Thank you to the members of the “chem-free” grad committee (both parents and students) and the local businesses and organizations that year after year come forward to provide food, prizes, financial support, or any other service requested.
Thanks also to the people in the community who support “chem-free” grad through the Emo Spring Fever Days barbecue and car wash, the cake roulette at the Chamber of Commerce trade show, tag day, the sale of Safeway coupon books, or through the donation of time, service, or money.
In the desire to thank everyone in the graduation insert in the Times at the end of June, a few names were inadvertently missed.
Although two corrections have been added, I also want to thank the FFHS Teachers’ Dress Down Day fund and Neil and Debbie Thorpe (who provided the minnows for the minnow race contest).
Finally, if you helped towards the “chem-free” and have not been mentioned, please accept my thanks. Your assistance was important and is appreciated.
Brian Gustafson
“Chem-Free” grad
teacher advisor,
F.F. High School