Many thanks

Dear sir:
The Northern Therapeutic Riding Association (NORTRA) would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who supported “Freedom Ride 2001” (horseback riders and motorcyclists).
We have decided to have “Freedom Ride 2002” in the fall in hopes we will get more support.
NORTRA also would like to thank the following who supported us in “special ways”: Tammi’s Flowers, Doreen Roberts, Garth Lockman and the residents around Bears’ Pass, Fort Frances General Supply, Arnold Haver, Dale Kaemingh of Manitou Forest Products, Jim Pattison, Len and Betty LaRocque, Carol and Joe Kliner, Gayle and Chuck Arpin, Trail’s End Lodge, and the Fort Frances Times.
It was a devastating year losing three of our therapeutic horses. We would like to thank Dr. Cannon, Dr. Pierroz, and the Nor-West Animal Clinic for keeping the NORTRA horses healthy and their compassion when we lost “JJ,” “Buddy,” and “Lacey.”
We also would like to thank Ed Lampi and Earl Tweedie for their support. We still are feeling the deep loss when we see their name-plates.
We appreciate Herb Govier and Camille Heyens for giving us the opportunity to purchase their horses for our program. They are a real asset.
NORTRA also would like to give “special thanks” to Jennifer, Jessica, Kristen, and Baylee Shoemaker, and Denise Donaldson, who helped all summer with the “special needs children.” We can always use more volunteers. If anyone is interested in helping next year, phone me at 486-3378 for more information.
All the riders from Trail’s End Stables and NORTRA would like to thank the Arpin family for the terrific second fun day held this past Sunday (Sept. 23) in honour of Jack Mills.
You really know how to put the “fun” back into horse shows. Thank you again.
Joyce Young