Make a visit

It is a matter of life and death. Smoking and non-smoking. Why the argument in the district to continue to smoke publicly?
Is smoking the reason Fort Frances and district has the highest number of cancer patients? Those voting for continuing public smoking, defying the knowledge, honest concern, and advice of Dr. Peter Sarsfield, should plan a special visit to Amethyst House in Thunder Bay.
Look at the picture gallery. Visit the House patients. Talk to each one and listen to their story. Then cross the street to the cancer clinic, hospital and surgery department. Don’t bluff off what you see. Listen to these people and their life stories.
They told me, “It’s fear that creeps into your heart and soul, shattering your waking hours and tormenting your sleep. The buzz word is cancer ricocheting around in your brain echoing your doctor’s voice, blurring your vision of the future.”
“The fear is the worst because it is real, very real,” one patient said.
Todd Hamilton’s article in last week’s Times, “Help find a cure for cancer,” is an invitation to rally for support in research with fundraising. He also mentions “a recent study shows the ill effects of second-hand smoke are on the rapid decline due to restaurants promoting smoke-free environments for their customers.”
Why not rally in support of banning public smoking? Fundraising is a great cause, but should we not look at the cause making the fundraising necessary? I would think business people would be eager to eliminate smoking to ensure they can welcome more happy healthy customers tomorrow.
And for me? One smoker releases a smothering curtain restricting a single breath, I must leave immediately for another breath for life.
Non-smoking deserves more thought and consideration.
Norma D. Pattison
Fort Frances, Ont.