Make a difference

Dear editor:
I am dismayed the Rainy River District School Board has decided to go ahead with its school closure process and is still including Alberton Central School. They are doing this even though the Alberton school closure sub-committee recommended the school stay open.
It’s nice to see the RRDSB followed the proper procedures by allowing a sub-committed to be set up; it’s just too bad they totally ignored its recommendation.
Most of Alberton’s residents have taken a “Let’s sit back and see what happens because I can’t do anything to help” stance. A few have even told me it isn’t worth the fight to keep the school open because the RRDSB already has made up its mind.
Well, maybe they have, but remember one thing: trustees on the RRDSB are people who were elected to represent “us” and are obligated to hear our opinions.
As a councillor, I hear complaints from worried residents about the school closing almost on a daily basis. They realize that without our school, we will begin to lose our identity as a separate community. By allowing our children to be assimilated into schools in Fort Frances, the foundation of our rural community will be the first casualty of such integration.
I find it unfortunate the RRDSB basically has a licence to pursue a course of action which will negatively impact the quality of life of a entire municipality.
We still can make a difference. The RRDSB is holding a public meeting next Tuesday (Feb. 26) at 7:30 p.m. at Alberton Central School. I urge all residents of Alberton who believe it is important we keep our country school to attend.
I can promise all of you one thing: If you think that you don’t need to show up because your neighbour down the road will “probably” go, you can kiss our school good-bye—and you will have no right to complain afterward.
We need as much support as we can get—even if you don’t have children attending the school. This is important to the future of Alberton. Remember: “Snowflakes make a difference when they fall together.”
Bill Morrison Jr.